A Note on Mud Flaps For Trucks

Truck mud flaps are a car or truck accessory that is mostly made of rubber and usually black in color. Their sole purpose earlier was to protect the vehicle from anything that the road threw back at it, such as debris or dirt. However, today the purpose of the truck mud flap remains the same but way people look at it has changed completely. Truck mud flaps these days is one of the coolest accessories on one’s vehicle which is used to express a person’s feelings.Mud Flaps For Trucks Check Over Here for More Info

Over the years people have come up with a number of unique mud flap designs and artwork but one that is still popular amongst many is the Mud Flap Girl who was inspired by an exotic dancer named Leta Loroe. Artist Bill Zinda was first inspired by the idea and made an image of the silhouette of the dancer sitting with her torso resting on her arms and her hair blowing with the wind. This image of a buxom silhouette caught on with a number of drivers around the country and can still be seen on many vehicles.

Some of the other popular truck mud flap images also include a number of Disney characters such as Daffy Duck, Tweety the bird and one of the most popular of all, Yosemite Sam holding his guns and asking other drivers to ‘Back Off.’

Another use of truck mud flaps is to advertise your product. A number of companies add their company logo or a message or an image of their company on all their vehicles’ mud flaps. This helps them to advertise their product without any major costs involved.

Marketers have also found a way to use truck mud flaps as a way to advertise their products or services. A number of different companies have attached their logos, contact numbers or even product pictures on a number of their company cars and vans. This method has proven to be extremely effective and that is why even today you will truck mud flaps with a marketing logo on it.

Apart from all the stylish uses of truck mud flaps the most basic is to protect your vehicle. They not only stop any debris or dust but also avoid any splatter marks which could ruin the paint on your vehicle. This is of great help as when you are cleaning your truck it only requires a good spraying to give it a brand new look.

Truck mud flaps today come in a lot of different designs and materials. One of the most common materials that has been used for years is rubber. The other material that has been used to make mud flaps is sheet metal. These sheet metal guards come in aluminum and steel and work really well to keep out splatter, debris and dust. However, the only disadvantage of a sheet metal mud flap is that they can get caught in soft ground.