The Process of Embroidery Columbia SC

Embroidery consists of two processes firstly you need your design digitised using embroidery software (Wilcom) this coverts the artwork into a format the machines can recognise and replicate the design into stitches onto your garments, Once completed this can be loaded into an embroidery machine (SWF) ready for sewing. The time for processing the design can take 10 minutes to run; most manufactures machines have eight heads which enables multiple production runs.The machine has a start point so wherever the designer has located this depends on how the image was created, most images are produced in layers and work backwards depending on the garment type. Each element is stitched with its specified colour which is taken from the industries standard (Madeira) threads with a maximum of 12 colours per head. Whilst we have discussed the processes we haven’t spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of screen printing and embroidery.The major advantage between them both is speed, whilst screen printing has a lot of stages to produce the screen once complete the process is minimal with some companies producing around 20,000 t-shirts a day. Embroideries downfall is the digitising, most designs are small but when you have an intricate design this can take hours to digitise and when complete only a maximum of 8 designs can be produced at one time. embroidery columbia sc

Last ability is a major issue as screen printing is the choice when comparing with digital transfers but when it comes to embroidery this wins hands down. Screen Printing is produced by using inks so after time and many washes the inks start to deteriorate, this is a lot slower than transfers but faster than embroidery threads losing their colour. Embroidery is the perfect choice for corporate wear as these can be washed at high temperatures and multiple times.Cost effectiveness is the most important issue for most people as applying these techniques to clothing isn’t cheap. The majority of the cost comes down to the design, if you have a small left breast 1 colour design this will be roughly the same cost, if you look at the other end of the scale and the design is large with multiple colours, screens become very expensive and programmes can have thousands of stitches. These two basically level out but setups on Print can cost 240 pounds and embroidery programmes around 120 pounds.