Best Exercises to Jump Higher – Discover

Looking for the best exercises to jump higher?

Firstly, don’t just focus solely on your legs like the thighs and calves! Not only will you look out of proportion to your upper body, you will not get as much explosive power out of isolation workouts. Secondly, you need to work on both you upper and lower body strength to get the maximum training to jump higher. A stronger body can translate into more power coming out of your legs. To do that, you need to strengthen your core muscles. Your core is the pillar to your inner strength and your ability to increase vertical leap. And the best exercises to jump higher are the multi movement exercises that works on large muscles groups like your legs. Strength training like the deadlifts are good examples.

Thirdly, your overall fitness – you just have to be fit to train more efficiently and to improve your vertical jump. And the best way to shape up fast are explosive exercises like hill sprints, and track sprints or any kind of sports which requires fast movements like basketball. Not only are these great exercises to jump higher with, it is a great way to initiate your fast twitching muscles. It’s these muscles that can increase vertical leap.If you need good examples of professionals who are strong and have the ability to jump high – just check out the NBA players and Aussie Rules footballers. Not only do they focus on the most effective training and Best exercises to jump higher, they focus on their conditioning and playing ability to get the most of their performance.

To put it simply, when you combine all that into one – you have a very good athlete.

And when you throw in ‘Plyometrics’ and some unique pool work as illustrated in The Vertical Jump Project, you’ll have the best exercises to jump higher!